Client Case Study

12 provider Practice Client #02341

Medical Practice Success Story


$492,587 recovered revenue

69.75% account resolution

46.56% account liquidation

$459.66 Net unit recovery

0 complaints


Agency of Credit Control, Inc. began working with #02341 in 1998. They were experiencing poor returns and nonexistent customer service from their existing collection agency. They reached out to us based on a referral. They believed returns could be higher but were reluctant to change because of the slow implementation process of a new collection agency. They made every attempt to recover accounts internally and held on to unpaid balances. Their efforts, while adequate, were simply not frequent enough to create any real difference in the payments. It ultimately negatively affected their monthly revenue.  What’s more, they continued to send monthly statements. This was an additional drain on the practice in unrequited postage and labor. They needed to reduce cost and hand over responsibility to an agency that understood their business. A partner who could establish services efficiently, collect self pay balances, reduce days in AR and offer legal remedies.

We met all of #02341 expectations, it wasn’t difficult.  The setup was quick and painless. Day one we provided a “Client Web Access Portal”, and drafted the required HIPAA business associate agreement. Upon receipt of the agreement, we started receiving accounts using our HIPAA secure/compliant portal.

Client #02341 is a 12 provider medical clinic with $2.4 million in revenue based in Denver Colorado.