Healthcare Outsourcing

Healthcare Outsourcing

This service includes patient billing for self-pay balances and insurance billing follow up.  ACC has two 1st party patient billing services:  Early-out patient billing and Pre-collection services.

The Early-out service begins no later than day 30 from the original date of service after insurance reimbursement and adjustments have been made.  ACC takes the patient balances and makes collection efforts for 90 days.  These efforts include postal, telephone, SMS and email contact with patients to recovery balance in full or establish payment arrangements.  All collection efforts are on a 1st party basis in the provider’s name.  We act as an extension of the provider’s business office and is transparent to the patient.  The patient IS NOT considered to be in collection or in default in anyway.  As long as the patient maintains his/her payment arrangement.

Pre-collect services are also 1st party services that take place at any time before bad debt collection begins.  The service lasts for 30 days and includes a final statement as well as 4 telephone attempts to resolve the account prior to going to bad debt collections.  This service is well suited for self-pay accounts that have aged internally and not given requisite attention before going to collections.  The Pre-collect provides “Best Practices” patient billing as well as peace of mind for providers knowing that every effort was made to contact the patient prior to bad debt write off and bad debt agency placement.

Should the physician or facility opt to bill its own charges, ACC will follow up these submitted claims on behalf of the provider in the event the primary insurance carrier fails to pay the original claim. ACC services private insurance claims, workman’s compensation claims and Medicare/Medicaid insurance claims. This follow up service affords physician clients an efficient and cost effective alternative to the labor intensive follow up process. Finally, when all 1st party efforts are exhausted, ACC provides traditional collection services for self pay portions and patient responsibility accounts. ACC strives to provide the best in these outsourcing services to ensure maximum profitability for its physician clients.

Highlights of ACC’s Healthcare outsourcing services

  • Control of your accounts receivable
  • Increased cash flow
  • Recovery of otherwise noncollectable accounts
  • Reduced overhead
  • Manage problem accounts professionally and ethically
  • Streamline self-pay collection and insurance follow up

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