ACC’s Retail Account Recovery Program maximizes cash flow by securing recoveries from responsible parties while reducing its client’s overhead and collection costs.  ACC’s Account Recovery Program is designed to maximize recovery on accounts for which no third party coverage is found. We do this by issuing collection letters to initiate contact with responsible parties, telephoning consumers to solicit payment in full and taking legal action when necessary. In performing collection account liquidation, ACC is sensitive to the negative effect of overzealous recovery efforts, and is aware and respectful of the rights of legally responsible relatives, guarantors, and consumers, and thus ensures that a positive public image of both the client and ACC is maintained.



“ACC is a family owned company which means they understand the value of relationships.  They communicate in a timely and effective way, allowing us to continue making decisions in the best interest of our relationships with our customers and our bottom line.”

  • Judy Meadows, Orangetheory Franchisee, Orangetheory Fitness


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