Account Recovery Program

ACC’s Account Recovery Program accelerates the cash flow of its clients by securing recoveries from responsible parties and reducing the client’s own collection costs. ACC’s Account Recovery Program is designed to maximize recovery on accounts for which no third party coverage is found. We do this by issuing collection letters to initiate contact with responsible parties, telephoning consumers/patients to solicit payment in full and taking legal action when necessary. In performing collection account liquidation, ACC is sensitive to the negative effect of overzealous recovery efforts, and is aware and respectful of the rights of legally responsible relatives, guarantors, and consumers, and thus ensures that a positive public image of both the client and ACC is maintained.

Highlights of ACC’s Account Recovery Program

  • Automated recovery technology – ACC speeds the liquidation of accounts via our automated collection system. This system provides a highly sophisticated collection environment employing the latest in electronic collection technology, skiptracing tools and electronic payment services.
  • Effective management of payment arrangements – Through our automated system, we will monitor account payment arrangements in accordance of company policy and Federal and State guidelines. The system is programmed to ensure tight follow up of all payment arrangements and priority accounts.
  • Professional, well-trained staff – ACC staff members are thoroughly trained in interviewing and negotiation skills, recovery techniques and procedures. Their professionalism, authority and skill result in maximum recoveries.
  • Skiptracing services – To ensure that as many accounts as possible are liquidated, ACC performs skiptracing as appropriate to locate responsible parties whose whereabouts are unknown and to uncover employment and asset information
  • Litigation services – ACC provides litigation services in support of its Account Recovery Program, working with our associate attorneys, we act as the agent to coordinate all activities.
  • Full credit reporting – All accounts received by ACC are reported to the various credit bureaus if not paid within 30 days. This ensures that any consumer who has not paid their account may encounter problems obtaining credit. Thus, in order to obtain this desired credit, they must pay their balance in full. This results in maximum liquidation for ACC clients.

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